Most entities who book speakers or presenters have particular objectives that they would like meant throughout or by the end of a presentation. These objectives help out in several different ways:

  1. They help the speaker or presenter stay on track with their content.
  2. They help the audience get the most they can out of a presentation.
  3. They help the entity achieve their goals that have been set for the presentation.

As a presenter I feel it is extremely important to have my own set of objectives when doing a presentation. My objectives remain the same no matter who my audience is.

My Objectives

  1. To help the entity achieve their preset goals for the audience and presentation itself.

    This is my most important objective as a presenter. If I do not achieve this objective I have not done my job! It's not about what I want to get out of a presentation. It's about what YOU want your audience to get out of the presentation.

  2. To Teach.

    My presentations are full of fun and entertainment but most people (including my older audiences) don't realize they are also learning along the way. Teaching is a key part of any presentation I will give. Teaching in a fun loving and relaxed way facilitates learning on any level. I use my own real world experiences and stories to maximize learning during my presentations. My disability is the foundation of my teaching tools.

  3. To Motivate.

    Everyone needs to be refueled every now and then. Life can become pretty overwhelming at times. I use my sense of humor, funny stories, and life challenges to help rebuild the fire within my audience. I love helping my audience realize there are many different ways to make it through the rough times in life.

  4. To Entertain.

    Entertainment is what keeps my audiences attention throughout the presentation. I try my best to mix entertaining and learning. Everyone has had a boring presenter at one time or another. Learning can be fun you know?

  5. To Inspire.

    I know this one sounds a bit cheesy but I look at inspiration a bit differently. I hate when people feel sorry for me so I try inspiring by letting my audience know it's ok to be "different." Sometimes not being the world's definition of normal can be kind of fun and bring along interesting opportunities. The funny thing is, what is normal anyway?

How Do I reach my objectives?

I work hard to reach my objectives using several different techniques.

  • Multimedia Presentations. (AKA Power Point Presentations.)
  • Audience Participation.
  • Q&A.
  • Funny Stories.
  • Life Challenges and personal experiences so the audience can relate the content of the presentation back to real life applications.
  • Sometimes Props.

Presentation Topics.

I have done presentations that have included some of the following topics but I am by no means limited to just this list.

  • Disability Awareness. (Seminars And Regular Presentations.)
  • Disability Advocacy. (Seminars And Regular Presentations.)
  • Building And Maintaining Leadership Skills.
  • Overcoming Challenges.
  • Having A Positive Attitude.
  • College With A Disability.
  • Embracing Diversity.
  • Living Life To The Fullest. (Even With A Disability!)
  • Disabilities And Relationships.
  • Current disability issues and events
  • Creating and maintaining independent living skills.

Need More Information?

If you need more Information just check out my Contact Me page. I am willing to work with you to create a presentation that will meet your individual needs and objectives.

  • Martin Luther King Jr.

    Life's most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?

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